A fully built minecraft beacon pyramid.

Beacons are a placeable block in Minecraft that buff players with status effects like Speed, Haste, and Strength. However, these status effects only work within a certain range, which varies based on how many resources blocks you have beneath it. We”ve explained how these ranges work below.

What is the Range of a Beacon in Minecraft?

The most important thing to know is that in order to give the Beacon an area of effect, you must place matching resource blocks underneath it in the shape of a pyramid, with the Beacon placed on top of the center block. The first level of blocks will give the Beacon the minimum range of 20 blocks. Each additional complete level will increase the range by 10 blocks, with a maximum range of 50 blocks.

The range of effect of each beacon pyramid level.

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In the image above, you’ll see how big you need to build the pyramid to get the respective ranges for each level. Note: each level must be completely filled. The Beacon will not work if you only build the other rim of each level. Also, you must use the same resource for all blocks. The reason for this is that when you interact with the Beacon, you must put in a sample of the resource you wish to use.

The blocks you can use are listed below:

  • Emerald Blocks
  • Diamond Blocks
  • Gold Blocks
  • Iron Blocks
  • Netherrite Blocks

Once you have filled in the entire pyramid, your Beacon will have its maximum range of 50 blocks. Once you exit this range, you’ll have 17 seconds until the designated status effect ends for your character.

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