Roblox: Islands PVP update officially available

Are you looking for the patch in the Roblox from a time? Now this update has been added to the game and anyone can get this awesome game update in their games. Today we are talking about this Roblox islands PVP update 2020. This is such a type of island where you can visit and fight with the other players for more rewards and missions. 

This is such an amazing update that can help you to get more fun, rewards, and other gifts from the game. This is why we want you to have this update as soon as possible in your game because this is now an official game that will help you to grab the best version of the game. 

There are some villages in the update too. Means you can get the village fun in the game update if you want to do it. There are a lot more in the update as this might be the last update of the year and we are working on this to know more about this. This is why; we can just say right now that this is the latest update for you which you must need to install to get the Roblox Island PVP update 2020 for better gaming. Roblox Shinobi Life 2 deleted for copyright issues

Roblox Islands PVP update officially available
Roblox Islands PVP

So, this is all about today from the Roblox official. We hope that you have now this update available and you just install this newly awesome update. Make sure you have all the gadgets in the update so that you can play this game in a better way as this will be so helpful for you in the upcoming seasons of the Roblox in 2020. 

Here are some more stuff which you will get in this update:

  • Added Daffodil flower (unlocked through Florist)
  • Added Pottery Bench which crafts flower pots (unlocked through Florist)
  • PvP Island
  • Mercenary Villager + Quests
  • PvP Alpha Trophy (limited edition, obtained by completing mercenary quests)
  • Nomads have settled the city of Azarath on Desert Island
  • Cactus Crop
  • Cactus Spike Sword
  • Revamped quest system
  • Florist Villager + Quests
  • Desert Chest + Desert Furnace skins (Found from Azarath nomad quests)
  • Fixed an issue that caused the hub to be too bright during certain times of day
  • Fixed & improved skorp animations
  • Removed “Go Home” button in the hub on phones
  • Improved island load time (especially for slow computers + mobile)
  • Vending machines now have a 10% tax
  • Increased vending machine max stack size to 300
  • Increased vending machine max transaction price to $1B
  • Added commas to vending machine display prices
  • Added direct input for vending machine price
  • Added “2x” deposit button to help with large prices
  • Crops now grow while you are offline

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