The second of many Adopt Me updates in 2021 arrived today, with the Farm Shop Update. This new update replaced the Supermarket with the brand new Farm Shop building and added three new pets to the game!

Release Date Information

The Adopt Me Farm Shop Update was released on Thursday, Feb. 18 at 8am PT. Check out the video below for a preview of all the new content in this farm-themed update.

When does the Farm Shop Update end?

We don”t expect this update to end, as it is not an event like the Lunar New Year 2021 event. The Farm Shop and the Ladybug pets appear to be here to stay, so there most likely is not an end date to this update.

Farm Shop – New Building & Locations

Farm Shop

The highlight of the Farm Shop update is none other than… the Farm Shop! This brand new building brings a much needed refresh to the Supermarket, which was the oldest building in Adopt Me! The Farm Shop is located at the old Supermarket spot.

All food and drinks for your pets can now be purchased directly within the Farm Shop. Here’s a look at all of the food and drink prices:

  • Raspberry Pie = 3 Bucks
  • Watermelon, Cheese, Chocolate Milk, Hot Dog, Apple, Ham = 2 Bucks
  • Water = 1 Buck

To celebrate this new update, why not pick up some delicious treats for your pets?

Additional Information

With the old Supermarket gone, existing buildings have taken its place. Players can now locate the Safety Hub, Potion Shop, Farm Shop, and one Premium Plot all grouped together in the same location where the Supermarket was previously located.

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All Farm Shop Pets

The Farm Shop Update added three new pets in total: the Ladybug, the Golden Ladybug, and the Diamond Ladybug. Similar to the Lunar New Year Ox pet, there are three variants of the Ladybug to obtain. Check out all the details below.

Diamond Lavender

To get one of the new Ladybug pets, you must have some Robux ready. Unfortunately these new pets cannot be purchased with in-game Bucks; instead, players can tame one Ladybug variant by purchasing the Diamond Lavender for 199 Robux.

Diamond Lavender can be purchased in the Farm Shop from either Lily the Ladybug or Justin.


There are three Ladybug variants in the Farm Shop Update: the Normal Ladybug, the Golden Ladybug, and the Diamond Ladybug. Here’s a look at all three of the  variants:

The chances of taming these Ladybug variants are:

  • Ladybug = 35 in 40 chance
  • Golden Ladybug = 4 in 40 chance
  • Diamond Ladybug = 1 in 40 chance

And that’s all of the new content in the Adopt Me Farm Shop Update! Keep checking back, as we plan to continue updating this page as more information is revealed.

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