Minecraft House Ideas to Level up Your Game in 2020

The best thing about Minecraft has to be building features. You can build absolutely anything in your Minecraft world by using your creativity. One of the most common things that people build in Minecraft is houses. You always need a home to survive in Minecraft. Here is a list of some Minecraft House Ideas that you can build in this game simply by watching tutorials available on YouTube.

Minecraft House Ideas

Starter Survival house

Let’s say you just started a new survival world in Minecraft but have no shelter. Then you should consider building a starter survival house. It is a simple but good-looking house and it is very easy to build. It takes much less time to build a starter survival house and you can later upgrade to a better house easily. You can find tutorials for a starter survival house on YouTube channels like Rizzial and Zaypixel.

Minecraft House Ideas Tree house

One of the many classic builds in Minecraft worlds is a treehouse. In many ways, it’s a childhood dream of many players, and finally, it can become a reality. You can find various tutorials on tree houses on YouTube. The best biome to build a tree house in is the jungle, but if no such biome is nearby, a mock tree can be first built to mimic a regular tree. Once the foundations are down, the house can be built on different levels on the branches to give the illusion of the tree growing around the house.

Modern Mansion

If you play creatively in Minecraft or you are a rich Survival player with a lot of resources, you should consider building a Modern Mansion. A modern mansion looks stunning in Minecraft and it is a very big place to live in. all types of modern mansions in Minecraft have various rooms and storage areas. Building a modern mansion takes a lot of effort and time but tutorials from Rizzial and KugioMC make it much easier.

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