How To Tiktok unban in Pakistan for mobile – Run TikTok with VPN in mobile

As you know TikTok is a very famous application for android and for ios users all over the world and now in Pakistan TikTok ban by PTA (Pakistan telecommunication authority) Chinese social media app TikTok has been banned in in Pakistan TikTok is officially banned.

Tiktok unban in Pakistan

i came up with the breaking news regarding tick tock as we all know that tiktok has been banned in Pakistan and now today i’m gonna explain that why

Tiktok unban in Pakistan.

Why Tiktok ban in Pakistan Reason?

Chinese social media app TikTok has been banned in Pakistan.

According to reports, the ban on the popular social media app was imposed for failing to develop effective mechanisms to curb illegal and immoral content.

According to the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA), various sections of the society had complained about the presence of immoral and obscene content on Tik Tak, after which it was decided to ban the app.

A PTA spokesperson said that it has been decided to block Tik Tak mobile application on all networks in Pakistan.

PTA has issued instructions to mobile phone companies.

The PTA said it had shared its concerns with the Tik Tak administration and was given adequate time to comply with the PTA’s instructions, but the Tik Tak administration failed to follow the instructions.

What Step taken by PTA?

The PTA says it has informed the TikTuck administration that it will reconsider the ban in the coming days if it develops an effective mechanism to curb unethical content as directed by the regulator.

Can goEarlier last month, the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) banned five dating apps and live streaming websites, including Tinder and Se Hai.

It may be recalled that recently Information Minister Shibli Faraz had said that Prime Minister Imran Khan was deeply concerned over the growing nudity and obscenity in the society.

He directed all concerned authorities to prevent it as it would result in failure.

The social and religious values of Pakistani society will be destroyed.

Shibli Faraz further said that Prime Minister Imran Khan has spoken to me on this issue not once or twice but 15 or 16 times and he wants obscenity spread through central media and social media and its applications.

Develop a comprehensive strategy to Prevent Shibli Faraz said that Prime Minister Imran Khan says that the incidence of rape of children and women has increased due to nudity.

He said that Prime Minister Imran Khan had recently told him that apps like TikTak were doing great damage to the values of the society so it should be blocked.

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Why PTA Ban Tiktok in pakistan?

i came up with the breaking news regarding TikTok as we all know that TikTok has been banned in Pakistan and now today i’m gonna explain that why

Tiktok got banned in pakistan what is the basic reason why the band thick talk so as we all know that vulgar content was being promoted on tiktok and you know sexual content as well people were misusing it a lot so it resulted in band of tiktok but anyway i’ll show you the official notice first.

That why exactly tiktok was bad so this is the official notice of pakistan telecommunication authority in which they claim that tick-tock has been banned in the society for promoting immoral indecent content what does that mean that as i said before it was banned because of sexual content and like misusing of information and providing fake information and vulgar content was being promoted on tiktok without any thing.

Like nobody who cared about what they are showing on the tiktok so as you can see that pta is clearly telling us that the reason it is banned because of immoral and indecent content they gave opportunity to the ticktock team like they can ask for the engagement and we can consider their request to look after again for this application but currently this is friday 5 14 p.m tiktok is permanently banned by pta.

Unless tiktok team takes any kind of action regarding this so people have started tweeting on twitter that and then thick talk so what is the main purpose of this video is that like it wasn’t funny application people used it in a wrong way even i have seen so many tiktoks all around in which vulgarity and sexuality was on the top priority people were just using it to promote themselves and getting more views they were just engaged in getting views and likes and a lot of followers that’s all but they never cared about the society although tiktok is not the one which is destroying the society there are so many things.

but still pta made a good move i would say although it will not be permanent i’m sure the tiktok will be unbent anyhow soon i’m definitely sure regarding this but for a time being you guys need to think

that what content you guys need to make on tiktok stop promoting these kind of contents which you know destroy the society so a complaint was launched pta took the action.

after viewing all the stuff on the tiktok and then they took an action so also they gave a chance as i can show you over here that this is the theo news and as you can see tiktok was given considerable time to respond and comply with instruction although they didn’t even care to give a response as you can see that even pta informed tick-tock team about this but they didn’t responded they didn’t block that content so they took this action so again tik tok has been informed that the authority is open for engagement and will review its decision.

if it finds a satisfactory mechanism what exactly pta wants are mechanism that satisfy the society the authorities that this app is good and it can be used so this is the thing and the final and as you can see that on july pta already issued a final warning to the tiktok to fix this to remove this content to remove this vulgarity sexuality on the tiktok but like as you know that you need to you need to block that application to get something.

now tick-tock team will surely work on and fix this and i hope tiktok gets unbent anyhow soon and it will it’s just a temporary event i know but it will take time i guess thank you so much guys this is all from my side i’ll be making more videos keep supporting me that’s all have a nice day

How to unban TikTok on mobile in Pakistan

As you know TikTok is ban in Pakistan so you can run TikTok while with the following method by you can use VPN to unban TikTok in Pakistan so follow these steps to run TikTok in Pakistan

so here is step how to unban Tiktok for mobile in Pakistan and India

Step 1: you need to search super VPN in the android play store if you have an apple then download it from the apply ios store.

Step 2: after you download and install super vpn in your mobile devices .

Step 3: now run super VPN and connect super VPN and selection location is UK or any other country.

Step4: After you connect your VPN to another country your ip will be changed and now you minimize vpn

Step 5: now you  open tiktok and it will works like chrome and it works smoothly

Step6: enjoy and after you watching tiktok when you closed then you also discount your vpn.

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