How to make someone your enemy in BitLife?

Having an awful relation in BitLife isn’t bad if it’s a requirement and you need this to complete the task. So, if you want to know how to make someone your enemy in the bitlife app, here is the right place for you. There are tons of ways to get this and you will be able to easily accomplish anyone your enemy. 

There can be any reason to do that. Whether it is in the game or it’s just your lifestyle. You can be someone enemy and here are some guide which you can use to do so.

How to make someone your enemy in the BitLife

1: Make a friend in BitLife

2: Open the relationships menu

3: Now, tap on the person’s name

4: Change your status to enemy

make someone your enemy in BitLife

Making the enemies in the BitLife is a conflicting as there is no way to make your enemies directly in the game. First of all you will need to make the person your friend. This is the only way you can make that friend your enemy later on.

Enemy can be so dangerous for you in the game, so be careful how you treat them. Annoying your enemy too much can have some really bad outcome. This is why you perform this task (from making friend to enemy) as clear as you can.

It is possibility that you might attacked by the enemy and even killed. You must have the idea and plan that you are going to add your friend as an enemy. Just like Karen Challenge, it could be the part of the weekly challenge of the game.

When any of your enemy attacks you, your response could be to file a lawsuit. It will be up to you whatever you do with the enemy.

Hope so, that you know how to make them your enemy and management of these all options.  

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