One of the many uses for Item Frames.

Item Frames were added to Minecraft way back in 2012 in version 1.4! They have since then been changed in a number of ways, but have always provided the same basic function. Their primary purpose is to display items placed into them. Players use this to signify what materials are in a chest, to decorate their in-game home, or even as clues on Adventure maps. In this guide, we”re going to go over how to craft them, and how they function.

How to Make and Use an Item Frame in Minecraft

Item Frames are one of the less commonly used items in Survival since they don’t provide any substance to surviving. At least, such was the case until you could put maps into them! Any map that is at least partially filled in can be displayed in full view on a wall! They’re now suddenly a bit more interesting to Survival players. Let’s first see how to make them.


Item Frames require very basic resources that are easily accessible early in the game. The list below shows the items you’ll need to craft one.

  • 1 x Leather
  • 8 x Sticks

The image below shows you how to place the items on the crafting table.

The Item Frame recipe in Minecraft.


Item Frames can be placed on the sides of the following types of blocks:

  • Pressure Plates
  • Fences
  • Chests
  • Doors
  • All Solid Blocks

Once the Item Frame is placed, you can use it to display any item by holding the item in your character’s hand and using the item on the Item Frame. The item will be removed from your inventory and be displayed in miniature form in the frame.

A chestplate in an Item Frame.

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Item Frames fully display the maps placed in them, rather than the item drop itself. Since maps show sections of the world, you can place multiple maps on a wall of Item Frames to display a huge part of your Minecraft world!

Several maps on display in item frames.


You can rotate the objects in the Item Frame. Use the secondary action button to turn the object 45 degrees. It can alternate between eight different orientations.

A rotated chestplate in an ITem Frame.

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