How to Make a Lead in Minecraft [2020]

Minecraft players have added many tools for good use to other gamers. This is why this game has a lot of beneficial tools that can be used to grab a better gaming environment for all the players. 

This way, we can access multiple tools in a small area and utilize the system to get more and more. Lead is one of them.

Today we have an interesting and important topic which we are going to cover. We will learn how to make a Lead in Minecraft. A lead is such a tool that can be used as a Leash. This leash can be knot with the mob so that we can easily move the mob around the map to get the best rewards and to complete the mission. 

How to make your Lead inside Minecraft?

To create your lead, first of all, you need to gather some materials. If you want to make your lead then you will need four strings and a slimeball as an ingredient for making the lead. 

Lead in Minecraft

After getting the material for the lead, all you need is to create the lead and start your journey of awesome gaming. Follow the steps to create your lead in Minecraft:

  1. Open the table
  2. It will bring you the 3×3 grid. If not, create a 3×3 grid for the next task
  3. Put the slimeball in the center of the square 
  4. The strings needed to be placed in the top left square, top middle square, middle left square, and the bottom right square
  5. Now you can move the lead to the inventory 
  6. Now, you will see Minecraft player’s inventory to leash up all the creatures in the Minecraft

You have now your build Lead in Minecraft which is an awesome step towards your journey to a successful gamer. Make sure you follow each step to create your leads in Minecraft. 

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