A texture pack for Minecraft on display.

Texture Packs are popular commodities for Minecraft, and installing texture packs has been made easier than ever, thanks to Mojang (the game”s development company). Installing a texture pack now only takes a few minutes. In that time, you can spruce up your game with a brand new look!

How to Install Texture Packs in Minecraft

While the Bedrock version is elementary and only requires a download from the Minecraft marketplace, installing a texture pack on the Java version can be frustrating if you aren’t used to modding games. We’ve made it easy below with instructions and screenshots to help you.

Step One: Download the texture pack.

You can download texture packs for Minecraft from anywhere they’re provided. They generally come in .zip format, but this is not a requirement. Be careful where you download the texture pack! As always, practice safe browsing habits. When you download it, you can keep it in your download folder, but make sure you have the folder you placed it in open in your file explorer.

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Step Two: Run Minecraft.

How to open the Pack Folder.

Now that you have the texture pack downloaded, you need to run Minecraft. From the title screen, follow the path displayed in the image above to open the Resource Packs Folder. The steps are also listed below.

  1. Click Options.
  2. Click Resource Packs.
  3. Click Open Pack Folder.

Step Three: Move the texture pack to the Pack Folder.

How to move the texture pack to the Pack Folder.

The image above shows how you can drag and drop the file from the folder its download folder to the Pack Folder. As long as the texture pack has the necessary elements, the game will recognize it as a texture pack. Note the folders’ paths highlighted in yellow. You should be sure to drag the folder from the download folder to the resource pack folder.

Step Four: You’re done!

The Minecraft resource pack screen.

You have now installed the texture pack! You can select it in the game, and it will be automatically applied. Easy peasy!

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