In Minecraft, some items have very specific uses. These can be tools like the Carrot on a Stick or food like Pufferfish. Some other items, however, have no direct purpose in the game. These are usually stylish or fun assets for players to enjoy from a purely cosmetic or entertaining place.

How to Obtain a Cape in Minecraft

One of the purely aesthetic items in the game is the rare cape, which comes in several designs. These are extremely hard to obtain in a legitimate way. Here”s a couple of options on how to get it.


While not considered by many to be a legitimate strategy to get a cape, this is the easiest way to do it. There is one trusted mod that offers options for capes. MineCraftCapes Mod is a great resource for those who do not want to use the time-consuming options for legitimately acquiring the cape. The site linked above gives detailed pictures and examples of how to get the mod working in the game.

Defunct Option: Migrate Account

For users between October 2020 and the beginning of 2021, Minecraft players who had a Minecraft Java Edition account could migrate from Mojang to the new Microsoft option. Doing this would give players a cape as a reward. Sadly, as of 2021, this option is no longer available as Java Edition accounts are no longer able to be created. This should be stated here because some other articles may tell readers this is an option, but this is due to a lack of updates on those articles.

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Minecon Events

Minecon events take place usually once a year and can be attended in person or online. Players who buy tickets to attend are sometimes given capes in return. Being given capes for Micecon tickets, however, has yielded sporadic results. Forums online can be consulted in the leading months to the convention to help get an idea of whether or not cape rewards will be a thing in that particular year. The next Minecon is in 2022.

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