How to find the End Portal in Minecraft?

Getting an end portal is not as easy as we think it is. You can’t get the end portal in Minecraft by just moving along the store and shop one for you. There is a complete process behind this. It must be followed with a pattern and we will need to complete this task in a positive and right way.

Thus we will be able to get our ending portal in our Minecraft. So, if you want to know how to find the end portal in Minecraft 1.14, then this is the place where you can get complete details about this. We are going to help you in this matter and after this article, you will be able to find an end portal for you inside Minecraft 1.14. 

There is some preparation involved in this work and you will need to work on it to create your end portal in the new update of Minecraft. 

So without wasting the time, let’s get started to get what we want. First of all, you will need a weapon and make sure that the torch must be on because you will no longer need eyes to see the end portal until you reach its room. This will help you in getting your stuff with ease. 

End Portal in Minecraft

As soon as you enter the room, you will see a set of stairs. This is the place where you will need to destroy any mob that might be close to you. To activate the end portal, you all need is to fill the portal frame with the 12 eyes that will remain with you. 

Now you’ve to find the end portal without the eye of an ender and now you can do whatever your goal is. This is done. You’ve got all which you need and there is nothing end in this mission. But if you want to make more fun, you can get some other items which we listed below for better gameplay:

  • Travel to nether
  • Search some blaze
  • Slaying the blaze
  • Take your bounty back to home
  • Search some endermen

All done, this is all you need and now you have your end portal and your mission is completed.

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