How to create a Spyglass in Minecraft

Spyglass is part of the upcoming major Caves and Cliff update. Now, if you want to try it, here is the complete details to create a spyglass in Minecraft. There is no rocket science in making your own spyglass in Minecraft but here are some steps you need to follow to get that one for you.

How do you create Spyglass in Minecraft? (Crafting Guide)

In order to craft a Spyglass, you need 1 Amethyst Shard and 2 Copper Ingots. But unfortunately, if you don’t have these items, keep reading this post to know how to get them in simple easy steps.

Spyglass in Minecraft

How to acquire Amethyst Shards?

You can get the Amethyst Shards from the Amethyst Cluster which is fully-grown. You can obtain four shards with the help of a fortune. These are semi-rare spawns that can contain the Amethyst blocks. Copper is also a new resource. This could also found anywhere in Iron Ore underground.

Now, you have your own spyglass. Now you should know what you can do with this. Basically, this tool can be used to see such objects that are far away from your approach and cannot be easily seen with the naked eyes.  

You can use this by using the Item/Place block. This is the only way you can use the spyglass in Minecraft. Now, you know how to create a spyglass in Minecraft and how you can use this too.

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