How to build and use a Beacon in Minecraft 2020?

This guide teaches you how to craft Beacon and use it for you later at any time. As it is not an easy task to perform such missions having some requirements. So this is why we are here to provide such a guide that helps you in getting what you want. 

So, let’s learn how to build a beach house in Minecraft. After this guide, you will be able to play more games in this awesome house.

A beacon is a minimum of three-by-three sides. So make sure you noted this point very well as this is the pillar point of our guide for today. Place a square base over it as a block such as gold or diamond. Creating a beacon house is quite difficult as you will need at least 81 iron ingots to complete this task. How to Make a Nether Star in Minecraft? [Nov 2020]

Beacon in Minecraft 2020

After collecting all the ingots, you will need some other material to collect for creating your house:

  • 81 Iron Ore
  • Three blocks of obsidian 
  • Five blocks of sand
  • Nether Star
  • Fuel 

After these all materials, you will need to smelt the material as you want to see your house. This will help you in getting a beautiful house for you which we are creating now. It will be helpful for you to create your own house from scratch. 

If you wish you can build the building tower design for a more marvelous look of your house. 

How to use Beacon in Minecraft?

If you want to know how to use a beacon in Minecraft 1.16, then the process is quite simple. You will need to add the Tiers (1, 2 & 3) in your way, and this way you will be able to use your beacon in Minecraft 2020. The whole process is so simple and you will be able to enjoy the whole process when you use this on your own. 

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