How to Build a Minecraft House? Small and Modern House

Minecraft is an adventurous and enjoyable game with endless fun and possibilities. One of the most essential things in Minecraft is building your own house to live safely, freely, and in style. In Minecraft, different creatures like zombies, animals, monsters, and skeletons attack and haunt the players. That is why building a house for your shelter is necessary.

There are limitless possibilities when it comes to building a Minecraft house. You can style it as you want, decorate it, etc. You can even make a box and call it your home, but that would not be fun and classy. Right? In this article, we will show you how you can quickly and conveniently build a simple yet elegant Minecraft House. Keep Reading the detailed step by step tutorial and start constructing your dream Minecraft House. Happy Building!

Build a Minecraft House

Where to Build your Minecraft House?

Now, one of the most important factors is the location of your house. You should find a flat land close to your spawn location and close to a village for easy villager access. It is optional, but you should also find a place with an adequate supply of water. Make sure there is more space on the flat land, so if your friends join your world, there is room to expand the house so they can live with you to Build a Minecraft House.

How to build your Minecraft house?

Now when you have decided on the location of the house, you should move on to the building process. You can either build a simple home with standard and bare walls and roof, or you can watch a youtube video tutorial to make a good-looking and lovely starter survival house, which is more technical and requires more resources. If you are willing to build a standard home, here are some easy steps on how to build it conveniently.

Step 1

First, you should pick the block you want to build it with. You should either choose wood or cobblestone. We recommend cobblestone because it is more reliable and sturdy. Wood can be broken easily and catches fire a lot, so your house can burn down quickly if it is made out of wood. That is why we recommend cobblestone, or you can use regular stone by smelting cobblestone to make it look prettier.

Step 2

Now build the base of your house. We recommend a base of 13 blocks in length and 10 blocks wide (13×10). Once you created the base, you need to place blocks on top of it until you make four falls of your desired height. We recommend a height of at least 5 blocks.

Step 3

Once you have built the walls fully, you need to cover the house by building a roof. You can make a Gable roof or a simple flat roof. You can also use a different block for the roof if you want to.

Step 4

You need to finish off your house by using glass panes as windows and place doors on the front wall. Also, use torches for lighting and decorate it with whatever you want.

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