Among Us: How To Become An Imposter In Every Time – [Easy Guide To Become a success]

How to become an imposter every match?

I will show you 3 tricks on how to be an imposter among us every time also your chances of being an imposter will increase by 80%. I will also show you one trick which will give you always imposter every time get an imposter in 6-7 matches per 10 played None of the tricks are fake! 100% working tricks, I will show you with proof do not worry.

Method No 1

you will get imposter 100% time by this trick but there is one requirement you need that you should be the host of the game and to use it just turn on the always imposter button from the host menu

How to become imposter in among us every match
How to become imposter in among us every match

and create a game! it won’t work if you join another one! and wait! for others to join this method works for android only and on pc. If you are using an android emulator like blue stacks ask your friends for help for faster matching once matched you will be the imposter for sure lol! this is guaranteed i got imposter 9 times in a row using this lol.

Method 2

that is among us imposter glitch this is not a hack its a glitch and it double your chances

see the screenshot below it wont work everytime because its a glitch and sometimes it fails

How to become imposter in among us every match
How to become imposter in among us every match

so do try this trick/glitch and it’s still working but it may fail sometime this glitch works on android ios and pc cheers! so anyone can use it.

Method 3

If you want to increase become an imposter among us then you always choose Red Color so it will increase the chance that you are an imposter in that game I try that trick and i was an imposter 7/10 time i mean I played 10 games and i was an imposter in game 7 times cool.

How To Find The Imposter Every Time In AMONG Us

In this guide, i will show you how you become a pro in among us game and you can beat your friends easily by follow up these guidelines.

Trick 1: whenever someone uses the screen inside the security room the cameras start blinking with a red light you can notice it here keep an eye on these cameras as they suggest that you’re being monitored by someone as soon as the crewmate goes away from the screen the camera stops blinking


so if you’re an imposter who’s planning to finish someone wait until the red light stops blinking this means you’re safe now go and surprise your enemy


just click on this screen once to skip this loading animation and enter into the game faster you’ll save a few seconds and can run away to take your position before others

Trick 2

an imposter can never do any real task he can just pretend to do the tasks so here are three animation

based tricks to find the imposter

  1. if you’re doing this task inside the weapons room notice this fire animation every time you hit a target so if you find someone doing this task check for the animation for the real player it will show you fire in animations but for an imposter, it will show nothing so you can get the idea that he is an imposter.

real player




Trick 3: This task in the med bay has a unique animation so if you see someone doing it you can completely trust him as your crewmate


Trick 4:  here’s one more task below the storage area whenever someone does this task a gate opens up to throw the garbage so always keep in mind these tasks can only be done by a genuine player and not by an imposter


Trick 5: here’s a good way to find the imposter whenever someone is doing a single task mission keep an eye on the taskbar if the bar increases you can confirm that he’s your crewmate if the bar doesn’t increase you can easily predict that he’s the imposter


Trick 6: while you’re an imposter if you find three to four players standing close to each other doing some tasks together take advantage of this situation and finish one of them since the area was crowded they can’t clearly predict the imposter


Trick 7: it’s not necessary to be very close to an enemy for finishing them as soon as you come around an enemy a red line appears around them hence you can finish them from a fair distance


now let’s talk about sabotage

Trick 8: it’s a feature only given to the imposter using sabotage you can close the gates of any area within the map by clicking on the cross mark of that area also you can call for some emergency


tasks by clicking on one of these the reactor task requires two members to complete it


also the o2 task requires two members to complete it


whereas the electrical task requires only one member to complete it


if the crew mates fail to complete the emergency task within the given time the imposter automatically wins the game

vents are an easy way to escape or stay hidden i made a vent chart to clearly describe


all the vent positions and the possible directions to go from in each vent


Trick 9: here’s a 200 iq trick you could use notice the camera blinking that suggests someone is in the security now go to med bay and close the gate of the security room now use vents and finish your enemy


Trick 10: here’s a good trick to fool people you can keep names of colors to confuse other players now when someone tries to vote you out others get confused and vote out the guy whose color is the same as your name


so if you want to make the game really confusing ask all your friends to change their name to the name of a color


the admin map is a very useful thing here’s an example

over here i can see two players on my left and three towards my right now watch carefully a player from med bay goes directly into the security which means he used event now as you saw only one player is


left and the other one has been finished so i’ll quickly run towards the security and see who that is as soon as you see him call for an emergency meeting and vote him out

here’s a fun trick if you believe that someone is 100, not the imposter stand next to him and align yourself so when an imposter comes to finish one of you he’d get a good surprise.

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