Fortnite monthly paid subscription plan! Truth or not?

We have heard about Fortnite that they will soon start a paid monthly subscription which means you will not be able to play it for free. Sad? But do not worry at all as this is just the news as before. A few time ago, Fortnite also release such a blog that they are going to start a paid monthly subscription plan for their users. 

Still, we are waiting for that Fortnite monthly paid subscription plan which we are talking about. Epic also launch some surveys to know all about the game’s current situations. This is why they have planned to launch a new paid monthly subscription deal for all those users who want the best from the game.

Fortnite monthly paid subscription plan

Fortnite Free Vs Paid Users:

It is confirmed that the free version will not go out as most of the users on this game having free stuff and are not getting paid skins and weapons. This is why Epic is not going to talk against them. They will be served by the ads during the game and so on. 

On the other hand, paid users will get their best mode in the game and will not be able to see the ads as they joined the paid monthly subscription circle. 

So, we can say that paid users have an edge that they will enjoy the game a lot better than the free one. Epic is talking about these all things for a long time but we haven’t seen them if they bring these all features on one channel (Paid one). 

Wrapping up:

Since we talk about the Fortnite monthly paid subscription today but still do not confirm when and how they will release this new feature (if they have any plan). But we now can only assume that this feature is nearly to come because Epic is launching more surveys than ever before.

So, it will not be wrong in saying that this feature will come into being soon!

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