Fortnite Leaked Skin Names – Fortnite New Leaked Skins

Fortnite is an adventurous, action game with international obsession, and over 150 million people play it daily worldwide. It is basically a shooter game where players fight with each other to survive. The game includes never-ending battles, thrilling zombie nights, and players need to build homes by finding different kinds of materials.

Skins and Cosmetics are one of the most significant and prominent features of Fortnite. The developers introduce unique and fun looking in-game skins and costumes for players to utilize. Also, the game collaborates with various celebrities like Travis Scott, John Wick, etc., and mimic their looks. Skins are a rewarding feature of the game, and you can also purchase them from the cash shop through in-game bucks. There are 5 different types of skin in Fortnite – Legendary, Epic, Common, Rare, and Uncommon.

However, a few of Fortnite Skin names are always leaked before they release. This can be done by getting the data mines, or sometimes websites and officials accidentally release them unintentionally.

So, can’t wait to see all the Fortnite New Leaked Skin Names 2020? In this article, we are going to share the names, descriptions, and pictures of all the leaked skins of Fortnite. All the skins mentioned below will be added to the game and stores sooner or later.

How To Get Fortnite Leaked Skin Names

Here is the list of all the recent Fortnite Leaked Names. You can purchase these skins later from the store or through other in-game promotional methods. Enjoy!

Aquaman DC – The Undisputed King

Fortnite Leaked Skin Names

Ghost Chaos Agent (Epic) – Chaos Beyond Measure

Ghost Chaos Agent Epic – Chaos Beyond Measure

Ghost Hush (Epic) – Haunt your enemy’s every move

Ghost Hush Epic – Haunt your enemys every move

Ghost Wildcard (Epic) – Everything According to Plan

Ghost Wildcard Epic – Everything According to Plan

Metal Team Leader (Epic) – Total Metal

Metal Team Leader Epic – Total Metal

Wave Breaker (Epic) – Harness the power of a rogue wave

Wave Breaker Epic – Harness the power of a rogue wave

Ghost Beach Brawler (Wave) – Hit the Beach

Ghost Beach Brawler Wave – Hit the Beach 1

Shadow Beach Brawler (Rare) – It’s brawl or nothing

Shadow Beach Brawler Rare – Its brawl or nothing

Scarlet Serpent (Rare) – Heartless Combatant with a venomous soul

Scarlet Serpent Rare – Heartless Combatant with a venomous soul

Swamp Stomper (Rare) – Gator-trained master swampsman

Swamp Stomper Rare – Gator trained master swampsman

Trench Trawler (Rare) – Strange Secrets Sleep Deep Beneath the Waves

Trench Trawler Rare – Strange Secrets Sleep Deep Beneath the Waves

Nite Gunner (Uncommon) – The future looks nite

Nite Gunner Uncommon – The future looks nite

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