Fortnite Creative Map Codes [Nov 2020]

If you are tired of being old updated and with the same features in Fortnite over and over, then this topic will change the way you think about Fortnite gaming. We have got some awesome stuff today and this will surely help you in getting the best rewards in the game and it will surely help you in achieving some missions fast. 

So, today’s topic is all about some awesome and working codes for creative maps in Fortnite battle royal. Are you excited or not? 

In the war zone, this map will help you to play better and at ease and it will make your gameplay like a pro. This is why we are here to get you what you need the most. This map will give you an amazing feature and gaming experiences that you might not see in your entire life. 

This map is an outstanding approach for you and this update will make you so much happy to have such an amazing inventory in your game. Below are some of the codes for your game.

Fortnite Creative Map Codes

creative map Codes in Fortnite

  • Minecraft Murder Mystery Code: 1892-1509-8081
  • Evil 14 Awaits (First Person) Code: 7710-0034-8827
  • Lost in the Unknown (1 – 2 Players) Code: 5312-0287-8262
  • Summer Splash Deathrun Race Code: 7024-4001-0960
  • Carnival Escape Code: 2385-3342-5568
  • Slide Nation Deathrun Code: 7901-8789-8064
  • Paranoia Tantrum 2 Code: 1520-4763-6403
  • Taxi Cab Prop Hunt Code: 1662-3121-3063
  • The Underworld Gun Game Code: 5719-7469-6732
  • The 100 Level Default Fun Run! Code: 8192-7272-0900
  • Skaavok’s Aim Training Course Code: 8022-6842-4965
  • Food Fight Tycoon Code: 9557-8579-6544
  • Laser Tag Prop Hunt Code: 5717-9259-0171
  • Tilted Towers Zone Wars Code: 3729-0643-9775
  • Sniper No Scope Map Code: 8277-9788-8731
  • The Story of Oliver Whitlock Code: 3896-7727-6824
  • Spy Tycoon Code: 5990-3025-0295
  • Bricks Gun Game Code: 1190-0810-6429
  • Mongraal Classic Edit/Aim Simulator Code: 7269-0152-0094
  • Geerzy’s Realistic 1v1 Simulator Map Code: 7285-5234-5699
  • Scalit’s 1v1 Map Code: 1687-2442-0829
  • Cizzorz’s Deathrun 4.0 Code: 2778-3253-4171
  • Rainbow Deathrun Code: 1621-5269-0418
  • Geerzy’s High-Speed Zone Wars Hotdrops Code: 1012-2574-8528
  • Evoked’s Team Zone Wars Code: 4184-7740-3381
  • Escape Pandora Code: 4947-9532-2059
  • Indoor Water Park Prop Hunt Code: 0139-3586-5803
  • The Simpson’s Krusty Burger Prop Hunt Code: 0794-9902-1054

How to use the creative map Code?

Once you load the game, you will see some options; probably three. First of all, click the PLAY button and then CREATE. Now you can add those codes which you want to use in the portal area and save your code once for use. This is all that you need to do for using your creative map codes for 2020

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