Coin Master: Free Spins Tips And Hidden Game Tricks

You spin pocket on the Coin Master is deserted? Well, it’s no upsetting news! No, I mean it. Because what I have for you will pop up thrill in you. Okay, that’s enough let’s break the ice now. Today, I’m going to reveal the confidential ways that will heighten your coin credit and spins!

Don’t trust me on this? Read and try these working pointers! But, before that, if you don’t know how Coin Master actually works, but are curious your answer is below.


Coin Master is a thrilling play of coins and spins. The excitement level rises when the game onsets and you are on the field. Acquiring as many as coins by spinning for building a village, is the game intention. Not only the zeal seizes here, but it boosts you with every striking level until you reach the last, 266th stage.

With each growing level, you greet more advantages, coins, and fortune. Build your village or destroy others, leverages are yours! This is the bright motive of this single-player game. So, if you haven’t downloaded the app get the updated version now and turn on your time-of-fun.


You are busy at your new village construction in the game, your hoarded property gets attacked, and boom! All your coins are taken and you are left with better-luck-next-time words. You didn’t realize it, but this will happen only if you don’t have the super-magical-tips and tricks in your pocket. And, to present you with that ‘Golden ticket’ I am here. So, grab it quickly before your enemy fetches it.

Coin Master: Free Spins


You passionately drew coins for hammer, shields, and a pet (for your village protection of course) and strategize to invest in them lately. But you forgot it’s a defend-or-defeat game. Later on, the looters appeared, discover your village is filled up with coins, and damaged it.

You are then left with angst, and coinless! So, to play safe and mindful, let your coin circle move in Coin Master. Gain from one hand and buy your safety elements from others. Hoarding is, because, beneficial at other platforms but on Coin Master, it means calling your rivals to attack and ultimately gifting them your coins.


At every stage on Coin Master, you are privileged to increasing your defense tools and items. The protections proposed in the game are shields, hammers, and pets. Short remembrance, it’s not a spin and coin conserving game, so don’t just run for coin recollection.

To play powerfully andbold, preserve your focus on buying surplus protection layers. Each of these will serve you differently. So, whenever your savings speak of enough amount to bid on any of these, do it promptly!

HAMMER: Works as an attacking element on other’s villages.

SHIELD: Stand firm at protecting the enemy’s attack on your village.

PETS: Stay on the gate and picket your village. Also, helps in retaining raid awards. 


The fluffy pets, Rhino, Foxy, and Tiger have a heavy-duty in the game. In the chaotic raiding and raid-preventing situation, they are the fussers. But, despite they are active their energy level downs to zero within some time. So, get your sweetie pets their nutriment quickly and before time.

The pain point, but, here is the food is accessible for the pets for only one time in the 24 hours in the game. And, surprisingly these beasts always get hungry before the clock’s one-round completion. To balance this diet-and-time issue, send your little defenders for small naps when they are spare. This will retain their potential and they won’t snore during an operation.  


If you want fruitful results from your attack, keep an eagle eye on other’s village. Set a plot against huge-coin-holders to celebrate a handful of coins. Did you say, how can you do it? Of course, you must have.

Conserve maximum bets and place them on wealthy coin owners. By setting this trap for your opponent the chances of your coin’s baggage loading get doubled. This trick may not anytime work for you, but, if performed attentively it is the most functional strategy.

QUICK TIP: Having foxy along with you on an attacking mission is always a plus point. As it digs an additional hole for your enemy.


Do you want special bounties for your village? If yes, events are the perfect location from where you can have them. To maintain a thrill and feel of connectedness, the game announces some special events.

Whether ‘Diamond rush’, ‘Village Master’, or ‘The Jackpot Event’, every exhibition is full of chocolaty gifts for you and your pets. Some hand over additional spins, and other food luxuries for your pet. But, for sure you will be going to relish them and will always find a bounty there!


No more spins today? This weekend is going to be dry and boring! Is this what your mind has knocked you off with? But, how is it possible when I am here? Ponder over these special bonus tips to get your Coin Master free spins and to receive your parcel of coins.


To achieve the bulk of spins in your Coin Master account, the shortest route is Facebook. By connecting your Coin Master to Facebook ID, you get rewarded with free spins. Now, you’ll imagine this is a temporary solution. But, from Facebook, you can also enjoy the continual rain of free spins.

Perform a call-to-action job! Invite your friends and family members to join you in Coin Master sessions, and secure 50 more spins from Facebook. And, the story doesn’t end here. You can even have 40 free spins from your Facebook friend, every time they accept your proposal to play. If luckily, you have a huge game fan audience then your chances of getting hundreds of spins multiply.


In Coin Master, card collection is a part of the game. There are 33 categories of cards and you are supposed to compile all the sets. The cards have hidden prizes in them and after completion of every 1 card bunch, you earn an unexpected amount of free spins.

Another way to blow up your Coin Master account with free spins from cards is its sharing. All you need to do is join Facebook groups for Coin Master and share the image of your required card to finalize the set. Lastly, ask your group members to exchange excess cards.


Actually, sometimes waiting is not a bad option. And, at least for CM, it is not. Assuming why? the game delivers five free spins in an hour. So, if you expect to have 50 spins tokens at a time, lend 10 hours to your gaming account to reach this figure. Or, if you wish for more spins than this, ultimately your waiting time multiply.

QUICK TIP: Forward the date and time of your Android, and get your account flooded with as many free spins as you want.


The more you involve in the game, the more your spin craving elevates! The CM is really engaging and makes you an addict and so you desire extra spins. At the initial stage, you can sign up for emails and through the emails, you can enjoy your free spins and coins.

Additionally, you can also opt for downloading apps from the Google Play Store for attaining free spins in abundance. There are plenty of apps in the Google stock for parceling free spins your door. Most of these apps light up your day by delivering 80 to 100 spins each day.


like other game apps, also amazes its users with daily prizes to form a strong bond with them. As far as, you seek to fill up your day with more and more free spins, this fantabulous game possesses that for you. To have loads of free spins and coins in your wallet of game, hook up to the daily bonus.

Every day, you open the game to get started, the right corner appears with an option for a daily bonus. So, take advantage and don’t forget this free spin bounty. This option, however, is not accessible for the new sign up game players. But, don’t worry, set a quick pace to clear the initial levels, and get this award daily.  


You day-to-day unlock levels of Coin Master game, but what I have uncovered today can be your heavy bundle of happiness. If you want to lead this game successfully, apply these strategies. Or, satisfy your enthusiasm for more free spins by applying these hacks. What are you waiting for then? Replenish your Coin Master free spins account with a cheery bunch of spins.

If you have already tried any of these tricks or have an excessive CM strategy, share it with me. Also, if you have more 2-minutes hacks for bringing more free spins in, weigh up our comment section with it.

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