How Can we catch the fish with Explosives in Fortnite?

This question has been asked a bunch of times “Can we catch a fish with the explosives?” and nobody answered this because they don’t want to reveal this awesome trick. Today in this topic we are going to reveal about catching the fishes in Fortnite with explosives materials. 

Some levels allow you to have the fish even with the explosives. If you keep digging on the levels you will find some of the great tricks just like catch a fish without a fishing rod in Fortnite. Instead of the rod, you will use explosives and this is the most dangerous but mind-bending mission.

Keep digging until level 100 and you will be able to find those fishes which were not easy to catch. When you reach this part, you will be able to use weapons and explosives to catch the fishes. This is the part of the challenge where you need to complete it with some tricks. Otherwise, you will lose both; challenge and integrity with those fishes and most probably lose the complete game How to acquire Venom Skin via Marvel Knockout Super Series?

catch the fish

You can’t get the right aim in front of those fishes as it will harm your mission and can create some problems for you in completing your job. So make sure you aim in a great way so that fishes can’t see you.

So, we hope that your confusion about how do I catch a fish with an explosive weapon is solved. If you want to ask anything from us, please do let us know so that we can get you in and solved your issues regarding today’s post.

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