Adopt Me is a popular game within Roblox where players interact with others and adopt virtual pets. This title is one of the most popular role-playing games (RPGs) in Roblox. The game allows players to interact with the world in many different ways to obtain pets, from eggs to login rewards. There are a wide variety of pet types, from chickens to dragons.

Best Roblox Adopt Me Pets

There are so many different pets in Adopt Me that the choice of what pets to pursue or eggs to try and get can be daunting. Here”s a list of the best in each category.

Best Miscellaneous

This list includes Fossil, Star Reward, Golden Egg, and Diamond Egg pets. Fossil pets are part of the Fossil Isle event. Star Reward pets are obtained through daily logins. Both Golden and Diamond Egg pets are part of the gem egg system in Adopt Me.

  • Ground Sloth (Fossil, Common)
  • Pterodactyl (Fossil, Rare)
  • Woolly Mammoth (Fossil, Rare)
  • Dodo (Fossil, Legendary)
  • Starfish (Star Reward)
  • Golden Unicorn (Golden Egg)
  • Diamond Unicorn (Diamond Egg)

Best Common

These are the best pets in Adopt Me that are of the common variety, meaning they are relatively easy to come across. Though common to find, the pets below may require different egg types.

  • Bandicoot (Aussie Egg)
  • Chicken (Farm Egg)
  • Ground Sloth (Fossil Egg)

Best Uncommon

These pets are uncommon, meaning they are not as easy to obtain as the common variety pets, but it is still not too difficult to find them. These pets are just rare enough for players to flex their pets that are hard to come by.

  • Black Panther (Jungle Egg)
  • Dingo (Aussie Egg)
  • Drake (Farm Egg)
  • Meerkat (Safari Egg)
  • Pink Cat (Pink Egg)
  • Wild Boar (Safari Egg)

Best Rare

This list of rare pets will be harder to find than common or uncommon pets, though they are still seen with some regularity. Some pets do not only come from one type of egg; some can be found in multiple egg types, as seen below.

  • Australian Kelpie (Aussie Egg)
  • Brown Bear (Jungle Egg)
  • Elephant (Safari Egg)
  • Hyena (Safari Egg)
  • Rhino (Jungle Egg)
  • Snow Puma (Cracked Egg, Pet Egg, or Royal Egg)

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Best Ultra-Rare

These pets are the second hardest to find in Adopt Me. They are much harder to find than common, uncommon, or even rare pets. They are still easier to find than legendary pets, however.

  • Crocodile (Jungle Egg)
  • Flamingo (Safari Egg)
  • Llama (Farm Egg)
  • Platypus (Jungle Egg)
  • Sabertooth (Fossil Egg)
  • Turkey (Farm Egg)

Best Legendary

This list of legendary pets shows the ones that are the hardest to find in the game (save for expired event pets). There are ways other than eggs to obtain pets, including boxes and the pet store.

  • Albino Monkey (Monkey Box)
  • Crow (Farm Egg)
  • Dragon (Cracked Egg, Pet Egg, or Royal Egg)
  • Kitsune (Pet Store, Cost: 600 Robux)
  • Kangaroo (Aussie Egg)
  • Owl (Farm Egg)
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex (Fossil Egg)

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