If you”re playing Minecraft on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Mobile, or Windows 10 then you’re playing on the Bedrock version of the game! Seeds are what create the world that you play in, so having one that provides you with a lot of things you’d like to be surrounded with can be important. If you’re looking for a particular place to start playing, then we’ve got a full list of great Minecraft Bedrock Seeds from you to choose from in this post!

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Minecraft Bedrock Seeds List

Using the Key Locations

If you’re visiting locations in creative, you can easily teleport to them! When you’re in the game, open your chat box with the T key and type in /teleport (x, y, z), then hit Enter.

The Shortlist

  • Simple Start, Great Opportunities: salmon
  • Welcome to DIE: 939768985
  • Multiple Rare Biomes at Spawn: 1072988533
  • The Ice King Seed: -832798848
  • The Broken Mansion Village Seed: -77107740
  • Igloo That Leads to a Stronghold: 331476055
  • Rivers Intersecting at Spawn Seed: -837628466
  • Savanna Village Overlapping w/Dark Oak Forest Seed:-98141769
  • Ravines & Villages Seed: -1260790447
  • Double Blacksmith Near Coral Reef Seed: 1792133092

Simple Start, Great Opportunities

A Simple Minecraft Island Spawn.

Image via: Pro Game Guides | Discovered By: Electrical-Donkey917Seed: salmon |  Platform: Bedrock 1.16+

As you can see in the image above, this seed provides the classic Minecraft spawn experience. Begin your adventure on an island, but be ready to conquest almost everything the game has to offer! This seed was put in the spotlight because you can find almost every single type of structure within 2,000 blocks of the spawn. This not only includes Overworld structures but Nether structures as well. If you were looking to find the best structures for the best gear, this is your map seed!

  • Key Locations
    • Overworld
      • Ocean Monument: 135 40 203
      • Village: -653 90 -349
      • Ruined Portal: -519 80 -583
      • Woodland Mansion: -900 80 -999
      • Ravine w/ Stronghold & Mineshaft: -1390 50 -994
    • Nether
      • Bastion Remnant: -7 50 -93
      • Nether Fortress: -47 50 -164

Welcome to DIE

A Taiga Village in Minecraft.

Image via: Pro Game Guides | Discovered By: syria_guySeed: 939768985 |  Platform: Bedrock 1.16+

Don’t let this seed’s featured image fool you, this is a fluke. You do indeed spawn to a pleasant Taiga Village, with ample wood and resources available. However, if you like Strongholds, you’ll have your work cut out for you in this world. This seed offers the village, and a Stronghold built with two spawners in the library. If you can master the dungeon, you deserve bragging rights!

  • Key Locations:
    • Village: 85 95 105
    • Stronghold #1: 175 30 960
    • Jungle Temple: 165 85 1125
    • Mineshaft: 215 30 1090
    • Zombie/Skeleton/Spider Spawners: 315 14 -44 | 331 48 -60 | 350 30 -41

Multiple Rare Biomes at Spawn

Screenshot of a Mushroom Island off in the distance.

Credit: BlahityBlahity – Seed: 1072988533 – Version: 1.16+

This is the perfect seed to start a Survival world. You spawn in a Jungle (which is always plus), but if you explore to the north, you’ll find several other rare biomes. If you establish a good travelling system, you’ll have access to all the essential resources in the game within a few Minecraft days! Directly north of your spawn is a Mushroom Island, which is the perfect base of operations to begin building your empire!

  • Key Locations
    • Jungle Temple #1: 240 80 90
    • Jungle Temple #2: -910 80 40
    • Mineshaft: 265 25
    • Stronghold: -750 1030
    • Mooshroom Island: 0 80 -410

The Ice King Seed

Screenshot of Ice Spires in Minecraft.

Credit: hiiamcaleb101 – Seed: -832798848 – Version: 1.16

This is a rare addition to our lists because it focuses on establishing your base in an Ice Spikes biome. If you look at the image above, you’ll see a fascinating place to build a frozen ice kingdom. Tap in to your inner Ice King and give this map a shot. If you need a good base to work with before you head south to this ideal palace location, you have plenty of Taiga Villages near your spawn! Once you’ve got your kingdom ready, there is a Stronghold not far away.

  • Key Locations
    • Village #1: 150 90 40
    • Village #2: -280 90 120
    • Ice Spires: -560 95 -100
    • Mineshaft: -185 70
    • Stronghold: -1150 170

The Broken Mansion Village Seed

Credit: CraftAndChill – Seed: -77107740 – Version: 1.16

Sometimes seeds are not great just because of the number of awesome things next to you at spawn. They are awesome for many other reasons, this seed is especially, as the seed has tried to place a Mansion inside of a Village, and by doing so, as cut some houses in half! Though don’t worry about goodies, because of course, you have the Mansion but you have a few Mega Ravines close by, and a few Strongholds!

  • Key Locations
    • Mansion & Village: 664 -424
    • Mega Ravine: 207 31 22
    • Zombie Taiga Village & Stronghold: 552 -790
    • Village & Stronghold: -648 -312
    • Mega Ravine #2: 482 28 -461

Igloo That Leads to a Stronghold

Credit: CraftAndChill – Seed: 331476055 – Version: 1.16

You found a village, you’re ecstatic, you can now do some trade! You explore the area, and the last thing you need to venture inside is an igloo. But wait this igloo holds a secret! That’s right, a Stronghold is inside! What are the odds to head inside an igloo and find a ladder leading down into a Stronghold? We can’t deny it, it’s pretty awesome!

  • Key Locations
    • Igloo & Stronghold: 579 -337
    • Zombie Snowy Village: 184 -296
    • Igloo (with basement): 120 -440
    • Ocean Monument: 296 792
    • Stronghold #2: 228 980

Rivers Intersecting at Spawn Seed

Many rivers converging in one place in Minecraft

Credit: mMarijn – Seed: -837628466 – Version: 1.16

Fans of water and rivers will want to start up a new world for this seed right away! You spawn right in the middle of an area where multiple rivers converge and it makes the landscape look very impactful. Not only that, there’s a village very close by, as well as a Witch Hut that you can use for potions or maybe taming a black cat! You also have access to a ruined portal in a mountainous area, a taiga village, and a birch forest all around you. There’s a whole lot to love about this seed if you like variety.

  • Key Locations
    • Village Near Spawn: 29 66 169
    • Swamp Biome: -232 63 -137
    • Witch Hut: -316 66 -224
    • Ruined Portal: 174 87 -381
    • Ruined Portal #2: 784 74 851

Savanna Village Overlapping w/Dark Oak Forest Seed

Savanna village near desert and dark forest biomes in Minecraft

Credit: lickthaticecreamcone – Seed: -98141769 – Version: 1.16

This is a pretty cool seed because there’s this great looking savanna village that is overlapped with a dark oak forest biome. You’re also right near a desert as well, so there’s three biomes connected at the village. There’s also a very large ravine right near the village that you can explore. At spawn, you will find a village right nearby that’s worth checking out! If you head into the desert, there’s a couple of pyramids and another village.

  • Key Locations
    • Village Near Spawn: 162 75 108
    • Savannah & Dark Oak Forest: 126 68 588
    • Large Ravine: 130 16 518
    • Birch Forest Biome: 188 72 374
    • Pyramid: 250 65 816
  • Nether Locations
    • Soul Sand Valley: -11 47 -3
    • Ruined Portal: -643 40 485
    • Crimson Forest: -537 73 659
    • Bastion Remnant: -96 83 528

Ravines & Villages Seed

Credit: MKR Cinema – Seed: -1260790447 – Version: 1.16

This was a surprising seed, because I just kept coming across additional generated structures! You spawn in-between two villages and large ravines. The area here is pretty flat, so you could build out this area relatively easily. If you head towards the desert biome, you will find two different villages and three pyramids to explore! If you get further from spawn, you’ll find a pretty interesting floating island. There’s also a ravine nearby with a mine to be explored. In the nether you’ll spawn right in a huge basalt delta biome, along with a soul sand and crimson forest not too far away!

  • Key Locations
    • Plains Village: 137 66 -236
    • Plains Village #2: 85 69 209
    • Taiga Village (Blast Furnace): -294 63 219
    • Desert Village: 542 64 582
    • Pyramid: 554 65 752
  • Nether Locations
    • Basalt Delta Biome: 9 74 -6
    • Soul Sand Valley Biome: -106 82 -24
    • Crimson Forest Biome: -243 67 8

Double Blacksmith Near Coral Reef Seed

Credit: MKR Cinema – Seed: 1792133092 – Version: 1.16

The main attraction to this seed is that you spawn right next to a village that features a double blacksmith! This is pretty useful, so that alone might be worth it. If you explore outward, you’ll find some interesting areas to explore. This is a pretty heavily wooded seed with lots of cold areas, so if you’re into that you’ll probably enjoy it. There’s mountains, snow taiga village, and a whole separate snow biome across from the coral reef. You’ll find a couple of ocean ruins there, as well as a haunted snow village!

  • Key Locations
    • Village w/Double Blacksmith: 539 66 137
    • Snow Taiga Village: 974 69 -691
    • Coral Reef Biome: 461 63 3
    • 2 Ocean Ruins: 3 65 239
    • Haunted Snow Village: -221 71 150
  • Nether Locations
    • Crimson Forest Biome: 67 44 -40
    • Warped Forest Biome: -44 57 62
    • Basalt Delta Biome: -73 81 -195
    • Bastion Remnant: 34 68 -286

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