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Among Us is a multiplayer murder mystery game crashing and breaking world records in the gaming world recently, but why? The game was launched back in 2018 by Innersloth but remained unknown up till now. According to authentic records and research, Among Us is one of the most played and downloaded games in 2020, especially during the quarantine and lockdown period. In fact, it is the only game that reached 100 million downloads in 2020 and topping the charts of both Apple and Google Playstore. Not only this, but all the videos related to the game on YouTube crossed 4 billion views in September.

among us game

The game includes space travel, sci-fi elements, betrayal, murder mysteries, and conspiracies.  The question is, what is so exciting and thrilling about this game that the world is going crazy over it? To find the answer, we will have to dig in a little bit into the storyline and characters of the much exciting game.


There are a total of 10 players in this game, and they are further divided into two groups:

  • Crew Members – trying to save the spaceship/sky base/alien planet.
  • Imposters – trying to sabotage the spaceship and kill everyone.

Among Us Game Storyline

As mentioned above, it is a multiplayer and sci-fi game set on three different maps – a spaceship, a planet base, and an above-earth base. The players are classified into crew members and 1 to 3 imposters trying to sabotage and wreck the map locations and kill everyone inside. Also, the imposters are selected randomly at the start of the game.

All the players/crewmembers are working for an organization called MIRA. They need to complete various given tasks, reporting dead bodies, ensuring the safety of the spaceship, and trying to save themselves from the imposters.

Among Us Gameplay

There will be numerous mini-games for the crewmembers in the shape of tasks like emptying the garbage cans, fixing wiring problems, turning the lights on and off, etc. While on the other hand, the chosen imposters will have the capability and potential to sabotage and wreck the ship and creating issues for the crew members to resolve. The problems can be O2 depletion, explosions, and reactor meltdowns. If the crew members don’t solve the problem in time, the imposter wins and kills each one of them.

There are various other features for the players to explore – cameras, sensors, administration panel, and vitality machine. All these resources can be used to catch the imposters whenever they are trying to enter a vent and sabotage. Moreover, when a crew member finds a dead body, all the players enter into a discussion panel and try to figure out who the imposter is through evidence collected from the murder-site.

Then, players initiate a voting session for persons who they think is the imposter. The player with the highest number of votes is kicked out from the map, and then the game tells if the person was really an imposter or not. Exciting, isn’t it? In short, the game is all about strategies, time management, and cleverness.

among us game

Customization Options

Apart from the exciting gameplay and storyline, the game also offers many customization features in regards to skins, hats, pets, and colors. Let’s get into a little bit of detail about these customizations:

  • Colors: Players can choose from 12 different colors – Red, Green, Pink, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Black, Purple, white, Brown, Lime, and Cyan.
  • Skins: Skins, also known as costumes, are available after an in-game purchase for both PC and Mobiles. You can buy different skins like clothes for police, army, captains, military, chemists, and many others.
  • Hats: You can customize your character by purchasing different hats like masks, caps, demon horns, Santa Claus hats, etc.
  • Pets: Another cute and unique feature are small creatures as pets that move around your character wherever it goes. The pets have unique and funny animations and reactions. Right now, there are a total of 10 pets to choose from.

Among Us game Playing Options

The game is available for mobile phones and Pc, both. For mobiles, simply go to the app stores of your iOS and Android devices, pay a small amount, and start playing! However, it can be a little tricky for PC and Mac users to play Among Us. But we are here for the rescue; here is a small, step by step tutorial on.

how to download Among Us on your PC or Mac?

  • Download and Install “BlueStacks Android Emulator” on your PC or Mac.
  • Enter your Google Play account credentials in it after the setup.
  • Go to the “Home” Tab.
  • Click on “Google Play Store,” and then search for Among Us.
  • Install the game, and enjoy hours of playing it!

PC Controls

WASD, Arrow KeysMovement
MousePerforming Actions
Tab KeyMaps
E or SpaceUse
RReport Body

Will there be a sequel to Among Us?

In August 2020, Innersloth announced that they would release a sequel of the successful game by the name “Among Us 2” in 2021. However, after endless discussion and strategies, developers announced the cancellation of the sequel and decided to focus on the main game at the moment. Moreover, they decided to add all the new sequel features in the existing game. The new features include:

  • In-game currency.
  • A New Map.
  • Friend Requests and Accounts.
  • Custom Matchmaking.
  • Gameplay with 15 players.

Wrapping Up

Among Us is undoubtedly an adventurous, enjoyable, and exciting game that brings a little bit of drama to your virtual life. When people were missing the drama and thrill in their lives during the lockdown, this game became their knight in the shining armor. The game indeed impressed us a lot. Now, let us see what more exciting features and updates this game will bring to its players. 

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