It”s a brand new year for Roblox, and with it a brand new Adopt Me 2021 update: the Lunar New Year event! The Adopt Me team is once again celebrating the Chinese New Year, and we’re all invited to take part in the festivities. There are four new pets, new cars and toys, and a brand new Lunar House.

Update Feb. 9:

  • Event End Date has been announced

Release Date Information

The Adopt Me Lunar New Year 2021 update was released on Feb. 2 and went live at 8am PT. Check out the video below to see everything that is available during this event.

When does the Lunar New Year update end?

Announced on Twitter via the Adopt Me team: the Lunar New Year event ends on Feb. 23. That means we all have two weeks left to enjoy the Lunar New Year update before the next Adopt Me event arrives!

Lunar New Year Pets

The Lunar New Year Event added four new pets in total: the Guardian Lion and the Ox. However, there are three variants of the Ox, each with a different chance of obtaining through an Ox Box. Check out more details below.

Guardian Lion

The Guardian Lion is the only pet on this list that cannot be purchased with in-game Bucks. Rather, the Guardian Lion costs 500 Robux. This pet is permanently available in the Adopt Me shop.

Ox Box – 3 Ox Variants

The Ox Box is a new “loot crate” feature in the Lunar New Year update. For every Ox Box you purchase, you will receive an Ox pet. However, there are three variants of the Ox, each of them more rare than the last. Every Ox Box costs 350 Bucks.

Here’s a look at all three of the Ox variants, along with their drop rates.

Metal Ox

Image via Adopt Me Wiki

There is a 1-in-10 chance of obtaining a Metal Ox from an Ox Box.

Lunar Ox

Screenshot via Adopt Me


Players have a 3-in-10 chance of obtaining a Lunar Ox from an Ox Box.


The least rare of the bunch, players have a 6-in-10 chance of obtaining the Ox pet from an Ox Box.

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Lunar New Year Cars and Toys

Here’s a look at all of the cars and toys that are currently available in the Lunar New Year update. All of these new items can be purchased at the Lunar Stand, which can be accessed with a click of the button on your screen, or at the entrance of Adoption Island.

Lunar Muscle Car

This brand new Lunar Muscle Car costs 2,000 Bucks.

Palanquin Stroller

For 800 Bucks, you can stroll around Adopt Me with this brand new Palanquin Stroller.

Lunar Pogo

Hop your way around the world with this Lunar Pogo for just 400 Bucks.

Lunar Rattle

A fun toy for everyone, the Lunar Rattle costs 150 Bucks.

Tangerine Chew

Grab a yummy snack with the Tangerine Chew, the cheapest Lunar New Year item at 100 Bucks.

Lunar New Year House

A brand new house has been added to Adopt Me, appropriately named the Lunar House. It is avalable for 2,000 Bucks. Additionally, Lunar New Year-themed furniture has also been added for even more home decoration.

And that’s all the new Adopt Me content in the 2021 Lunar New Year event! We’ll continue updating this page as more is revealed.

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