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Ignite & Dance near Pizza Place

Epic Quest: Ignite & Dance near Pizza Place – Fortnite (Season 5)

If you are thinking to attempt the Ignite& Dance challenge at Tomato Shrine in Fortnite, then read the complete guide to make your task tenfold easier. Fortnite is full of challenges where players have to find certain places to do the challenge. Some places are comparatively easier to locate, while others are hard to find and consume more time and

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Glitches in the Jailbreak Winter Update

Glitches in the Jailbreak Winter Update – Roblox (2020)

New Jailbreak glitches that you should know! Since the latest winter update in Roblox Jailbreak, many YouTubers have indicated several glitches in the new update. These glitches are quite amazing, and the players can gain XP, jump onto tall buildings and even get through a window to enter any area. Here are the two most popular Jailbreak glitches in the

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Christmas Update & Codes in Treasure Quest

Christmas Update & Codes in Treasure Quest– Roblox 2020

All there is to know about the Christmas Update in Treasure Quest! Christmas has hit Treasure Quest Island and has brought a ton of new updates and exciting quests for the players. The update is full of surprises and will leave the players wonderstruck. New Things added in the Treasure Quest From shops to quests and mythical packs, here are

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6 Energy Blades in Treasure Quest

Where to find the 6 Energy Blades in Treasure Quest: Roblox (2020)

Can’t find the energy blades in Treasure Quest? Read the guide to know the accurate locations of the Energy Blades! In the latest Christmas Update in Treasure Quest, the players are given a chance to possess the powerful Omega Energy Blade by finishing the Energy Blade Quest. There are six energy blades placed around different locations in Treasure Island, and

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reasure Quest

Get an Omega Energy blade: Treasure Quest

The latest Christmas Update in Treasure Quest has many epic weapons to collect. The players can buy almost 35+ weapons from the Christmas Shop. But there are some legendary and powerful weapons that the players have to earn by finishing a quest. One such weapon is the Omega Energy Blade which, the players can obtain by uniting 6 colorful blades

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Best 3 Additions Update in Minecraft

The Best 3 Additions Update in Minecraft: Caves & Cliffs [2021]

Mojang is all set to release the Minecraft 1.17 Update in the year 2021. The upcoming update has got a lot of attention in the past three months, and the players are eager to explore a new world in Minecraft. It has been predicted that the new update 1.17 will add a lot to the existing world; it will include

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